Grades, scores and activities no longer suffice to earn you admission to the college of your dreams.


The Challenge:
You’ve done all the work:

  • Aced Your Classes
  • Earned Top Scores
  • Participated in extra curriculars
  • Displayed leadership
  • Volunteered
Yet now, you’re told that grades, scores, and activities aren’t enough! You’re advised to produce a killer essay that will set you apart from the crowd, gather compelling recommendations from teachers who are swamped by requests from your classmates, and adhere to a complex calendar of due dates!

The Solution:
Relax. I can help you master strategic skills with ease. Together, we will follow a proven process that will enable you to produce an application that will jump off the page and grab your admissions officers’ attention. Imagine hitting “send” and submitting stellar applications. Imagine graduation day … at the college of your dreams!