Admission Counseling and Guidance Services.


If you are looking for a menu…stop right now! Applying to college is serious business, not a fast food event. I don’t expect my students and their parents to choose from a pre-set menu that might not meet their specific needs. You may want to be walked through the entire process including interview coaching. Then again, perhaps you are stuck on a single essay, need advice about using short answers strategically, or want laser-targeted feedback about your brag sheet.

Call 516.569.8070 or email and we can set up a brief complimentary phone or FaceTime chat to determine your needs, priorities, and budget.

My associates and I provide the following services:
  • Comprehensive Application Mentoring
  • Essay Coaching
  • Brag Sheet Boosting
  • Application Review (for students who are almost ready to hit send)
  • Interview Coaching
  • Financial Aid Coaching