Help Your College Applicant Open the Door to an Uncommon Future.


The Challenge:
You’ve guided your child through each momentous milestone - from first steps to first grade to SATS/ACTS and beyond. You know that she reaches or exceed the admissions stats for most of the colleges she is applying to. Yet, you realize that scores don’t guarantee admission. Admissions counselors explain that the application presents a unique opportunity for students to set themselves apart. No wonder that most applicants, even the strongest writers, dread the “college essay!” Remember, the essay is only one part of the application. The “brag sheet,” short answers, and decisions about whom to approach for letters of recommendation often compound confusion, exacerbate anxiety, and strike terror into the hearts of the most confident students.

The Solution: Your Uncommon Application.
I teach students the concrete skills they need to develop a personal narrative that reflects passions and values and demonstrates how they would contribute to the college of their choice. Ultimately, they submit extraordinary applications featuring gripping essays, compelling brag sheets, and persuasive recommendations. Through my proprietary process, they

  • replace anxiety with confidence.
  • approach the application holistically and strategically.
An added bonus is that parents relax knowing that I will help their children shine!