Tips, Tricks, and Timely Information about the Application Process


Narrow Your List

It may be tempting to apply to a dozen colleges or more– especially now that so many accept the Common Application. Think first. Application fees add up. So does anxiety! Visit schools: either in person or, at least, through virtual tours. Reach out to admissions officers and speak with students and alumni. Learn about course of study, financial aid, and student life. Envision yourself at each school.

Then narrow your list to:
Two safety schools
Four-five probable schools
Two-three reaches

Here’s what one dean advises:
How to Finalize Your College List | Stephanie Balmer, Dean of Admissions, Dickinson College

Application Anatomy

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Aristotle got it right. Certainly, your application must covey more than a completed checklist. Yet, meticulous preparation to ensure that you control that checklist is essential. For a quick application anatomy lesson, see this simple list:
Quick Guide: The Anatomy of the College Application | The College Board

Read One Dean’s List of Top Ten Questions and Answers

Top 10 Most Asked Admissions Questions by Martha Allman, Dean of Admissions, Wake Forest University

Admission Trends

What Future College Students Should Know About The Current College Admission Environment
Jeannie Borin | HUFF POST |

Admissions Strategies and Tips

Five Secrets about the Admissions Process. Spend two minutes watching this video—you’ll be glad you did!
What College Admission Offices Won't Tell You | WSJ Video