“I have had the pleasure to recommend my students to Uncommon Application for assistance with writing their college essays. In each instance, the student received personal guidance in developing an outstanding essay. Ms. Plotsker-Herman has the ability to steer the student through the creative process, without taking over the exercise, but instead, allowing the student to write in his/her own voice. She encourages students to become painters who create beautiful works of art, all the while ensuring that they use original forms of language and expression. She strategizes with students so that each part of their applications contributes to a magnificent portrait.

The essays I have read were interesting and original and conveyed a strong message, while clearly responding to the question posed in the application. I recommend Ms. Plotsker-Herman to any student who wishes his/her college application to be supported by an outstanding strategy and stellar essays.”
High School
College Guidance Counselor
“As I applied to dental school for the second time, I knew I had to make sure that every word on my application was better than perfect. As soon as Candace began to help me revise my personal statement, the first thing I thought was ‘how in the world could my essay have been acceptable WITHOUT her help?’ The ease with which she taught me to turn my sincere but run-of-the-mill words into poetry was astounding...and I'm now starting my second year of school!”
Eve K.
NYU Dental School
“While his friends went on teen tours, my son spent his summers in a university lab. This seemed to be a natural personal statement topic. Nevertheless, it was challenging to translate complex research into clear, accessible language. Candace explained the importance of framing these summers not only as academic accomplishments but as growth experiences that helped my son master skills that would make him an asset to the college of his choice. Candace showed him how to craft an application that highlighted ALL of his strengths, while showcasing his personality, passions, and values. She also taught him to be a ruthless, yet effective editor, who could make 499 words do the work of 1187!”
Mother of S.T.
Full merit scholarship winner
“I’ve referred students to Candace for close to a decade. Yet, when it came time for my daughter to apply to college I thought, ‘I’m a literacy coach; this will be a breeze.’ After slamming doors (mine) and shedding tears (hers), I turned to Candace. Not only did she restore sanity to our home, she guided my daughter through a process that included private school applications, the SUNY application, additional essays, and several short answers. She helped Emily realize the importance of creating a personal narrative and strategy before even starting to write. She coaxed her, prodded her, and taught her to be an organized, persuasive, and colorful writer. The final product was a compliment of responses in which I recognized both my daughter's unique personality and a student who would be an asset to any class.”
Cheryl K.
Mother of a
SUNY Honors Student