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The Interview: Yes or No?

Yes! Take advantage of this opportunity. If you can get to the college within three or four hours, hop on a train or bus or borrow the family car. NOT visiting the college makes you seem indifferent or lazy! If the school is far from home, admissions officers understand that cost and time can prevent you from accepting their interview offer. In this case, inquire about a regional interview.

Ace the Interview

  • Be ready to speak about interests, passions, and goals
  • Ask specific questions that show you’ve done your homework about the school
  • Ask follow-up questions that require more than a yes or no answer
  • Take the time to think about your answers; don’t offer one or two word responses
  • It is fine to ask about the school’s culture and social life – but balance those question out with twice as many about the academics
  • Be on time
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Look the interviewer in the eye
  • Turn your cell phone off (that is o-f-f… not v-i-b-r-a-t-e)
Follow up with a short personalized thank you email that refers in some concrete, memorable way to your time together

Please contact me about a mock interview and/or interview coaching!

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